The FIA has seized parts of the fuel system of Ferrari, one Ferrari customer and one Non-Ferrari. A thorough investigation of the parts will be conducted in the FIA laboratories. (Translation in comments) : formula1


Ferrari petrol systems confiscated

The FIA is serious. It has confiscated part of the petrol system from three cars in Brazil. Among them was Ferrari. The parts are to be examined in peace. This will finally stop the discussions about possible tricks.

Ferrari left Interlagos with his head lowered. If the two own drivers drive each other into the car, this is for each team the biggest accident to be assumed. Until the disastrous collision, the Ferrari were on a podium course. Although they had no chance of winning, they were much better than in Austin.

Team boss Mattia Binotto saw a parallel to Mexico, where they only had the third-fastest car in the race, but at least not as hopelessly as at the GP USA. However, the competition saw Ferrari’s performance as further proof that something had changed since the FIA’s technical directives on possible tricks on the engine started to circulate.

Ferrari denies that of course. The red cars showed again with best times in the power sectors 1 and 3 that they are the strongest force in the field on the straights, but the lead was not as drastic as before two races. Compared to Red Bull Honda the advantage in the full throttle passages shrank to 0.15 seconds, compared to Mercedes to double.

Binotto explained this as in Austin with the chosen car set-up. Therefore the loss of time in the curves was less than usual, which was to the detriment of the advantage on the straights.

No protest, but nevertheless investigation

Red Bull had declared in Brazil that they would not submit a protest against Ferrari. No matter what happens. That was now a matter for Mercedes. “They know better than we do anyway,” mocked sport boss Helmut Marko. There was no reason to protest against the world champion. First of all, you achieved what you wanted.

Nevertheless, the topic is not off the table. Now the FIA is suddenly stepping on the gas. After the association had long taken the position that the doubters had to protest if they wished to have the red cars examined, they now apparently want to clear up the rumours by themselves. They only poison the climate in the paddock.

That is why FIA commissioners in Brazil have apparently confiscated parts of the petrol system for three cars. A Ferrari, a Ferrari customer team and a car from a non-Ferrari team. So you can make comparisons.

FIA wants clarification

The disassembled parts were fuel lines located between the flow sensor and the engine. In this area, the request submitted by Red Bull suspected cheating, with the result that more fuel was injected than allowed by the regulations.

The test will be carried out in FIA laboratories and will probably take a few days. If we don’t hear anything until the season finale in Abu Dhabi, we have to assume that everything was fine.

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